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American Idol RPF

Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition (G, Gen - s8 cast)
Summary: #adamfarted

better left to chance (R, David Cook/Carrie Underwood)
Summary: And that's how they end up performing together at Idol Gives Back.

when the grass turns blue (PG-13, David Cook/Carrie Underwood, Carrie Underwood/Mike Fisher)
Summary: Carrie gets engaged. Dave gets drunk.

The dice were loaded from the start (NC-17, David Cook/Carrie Underwood, Carrie Underwood/Mike Fisher)
Summary: Any special guests planned for the album? No, but you know what? Consider this my open invitation, anybody that wants to come help on this record, please come help. It'll be fun, I'll buy some beer. (Fun, angsty, same difference, right? Right.)

Hello Goodbye (G, David Cook/Carrie Underwood, Carrie Underwood/Mike Fisher)
Summary: Her wedding is in August. She shows up on his doorstep in July.

No song that I could sing (PG, David Cook/Carrie Underwood, AU)
Summary: David and Carrie go on tour. With a baby.

all the simple things you are (PG, David Cook/Carrie Underwood, AU)
Summary: Lions and tigers and Our Lady Peace posters, oh my.

in these bodies we will live (PG-13, David Cook/Carrie Underwood)
Summary: The night before news of Carrie's divorce goes public, she ends up at David's door.

when you're sleeping in the passenger seat (R, David Cook/Carrie Underwood)
Summary: Carrie gets divorced. David provides a shoulder to lean on.

The Baby-Sitters Club

Chasing the Ghost of a Good Thing (G, Sam/Stacey, Stacey/Claudia)
Summary: Stacey reflects on her most significant romantic relationships.


from debris (you and me could start something) (G; Gen; Cam, Sweets)
Summary: Traditions have to come from somewhere. This is an origin story.

mistaken for strangers (PG, Cam/Sweets)
Summary: Cam and Sweets don't go on a date. Really.

Fireside is Blazing Bright (PG, Cam/Sweets)
Summary: Cam and Sweets celebrate the season.

we were lovers (and now we can't be friends) (PG, Cam/Sweets)
Summary: Cam and Sweets and what it means to be happy.

what darkness lies (PG, Cam/Sweets)
Summary: It's not something either of them means to happen.

still crazy after all these years (the nanny did it remix) (PG; Hodgins, gen)
Summary: Nannies are not born, they are made.

left me in the dark (R, Cam/Sweets)
Summary: "He asked you marry him?"

Comment Fic Posts

Post #1
Fandoms: Heist Society, L'Engleverse, Pink Carnation, The President's Daughter, Secret Society Girl, Young Justice, Bridgertons, Downton Abbey

Post #2
Fandoms: RPF, Hathaways, Young Justice, Smash, Hart of Dixie, Revenge, General Hospital, Pink Carnation

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Fandoms: Pink Carnation, Young Justice

Disney RPF

Jealous of the Moon For How it Moves the Waves (PG, Nick/Miley)
Summary: It’s not that Nick is jealous.

Easy Silence (PG, Nick/Miley) (PG, Nick/Miley)
Summary: Kevin and Danielle get engaged. Nick reacts.

I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week (or Five Times Miley Broke Someone’s Heart Without Even Trying and One Time She Didn’t) (PG, Miley/Various)
Summary: Everyone falls a little bit in love with Miley.

It Always Comes Around (PG-13, Nick/Miley)
[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]
Summary: Two weeks in June.

The talk is louder than I'll sing (R, Nick/Miley, Joe/Demi & David/Selena undertones)
Summary: Kevin's getting married. Everyone else is just along for the ride.

Let's All Pack Up and Move This Year (R, Nick/Miley, Joe/Demi, David/Selena, John/Taylor)
[Part 1], [Part 2], [Part 3], [Part 4]
Summary: This is a story about finding yourself and then finding your way back. Set six years in the future, it is the story of Nick and Miley's separate struggles with the choices they've made and who they've become, and how the choices they make next will change the rest of their lives. The story deviates from reality somewhere in fall 2009.


Scribbled and Erased a Thousand Times (G, Gen)
Summary: Amy misses Ephram.


you build me up (you break me down) (Fringe/Inception; PG; Gen; Peter, Arthur, Eames)
Summary: Peter always has a friend.

trouble is a friend (Fringe/Inception; PG, Eames/Peter, Ariadne/Arthur)
[Part 1][Part 2]
Summary: Eames helps Peter solve crime. Really.

General Hospital

Link to All GH Fic


and it's surely to their credit (G, Finn/Rachel, Jesse/Rachel)
Summary: She knows without reading the card that the flowers aren’t from Finn.

drifting alone apart (R, Finn/Rachel, Jesse/Rachel)
Summary: Rachel doesn't regret not sleeping with Jesse.

The Good Wife

The World Unravels in Rewind (PG, Gen, Alica [Alica/Peter, Alicia/Will])
Summary: Alicia Florrick, before and after the fall.

For I come without answers (PG; Alica/Will, Alicia/Peter, Ensemble)
Summary: "Have either of them asked you yet?" Kalinda asks. Alicia doesn't pretend to be surprised by the question.

you can't rest your head (PG; Will/Alicia, Will/Tammy, Peter/Alicia)
Summary: It's three o'clock in the morning when Will decides that there are few things in life more uncomfortable than being in bed with one woman and thinking about another.

wrap me up (unfold me) (PG, Will/Alicia)
Summary: In law school, Alicia used to fall asleep on Will's futon, her head tipped back against the thin cushion and books still piled high on her lap.

don't want to walk away (PG, Cary/Kalinda)
Summary: When the indictment against Kalinda comes down, Cary isn't allowed anywhere near the case.

The One Who Knows (PG, Peter/Alicia)
Summary: The first divorce happens when Alicia is six.

(You) I Thought I Knew You (The Good Wife/Sports Night; R; Will/Natalie)
Summary: The one where Natalie and Will date in college.

Only When I Hit the Ground (R, Will/Alicia)
Summary: With every touch, with every kiss, she forgets. Forgetting is all that she wants, forgetting and this to not end.

wear out our souls in subtle schemes (G, Peter & Cary)
Summary: Looking at Peter, Cary knows this: if he stays, Cary will be the best A.S.A. in the office. He will work harder and win more cases and he will prove himself worthy. He will never like Peter. One day, he will win Peter's job out from under him and he won't feel a single regret.

I'll be alright, just not tonight (PG, Cary/Kalinda)
Summary: His hand strokes over her hair, and he pretends not to notice when she cries.

the night does funny things (The Good Wife/Sports Night; PG-13; Will/Natalie, Dan/Natalie)
Summary: The one where Dan and Natalie get married and Dan meets his identical twin. Sequel to (You) I Thought I Knew You.

Gossip Girl

Don't forget me, I beg (G, Blair & Serena)
Summary: "You should have told me, B," Serena says. "I wish you had."


with a heart in the middle (G, Cappie/Casey)
Summary: Summer in Ohio means festivals.

graduation day (G, Cappie/Casey)
Summary: All she can think about is who isn’t there.

I Do (PG, Evan/Rebecca)
Summary: It is ten years before they marry.

Happy Endings

with walls of the deepest blue (PG-13, Alex (Alex/Dave))
Summary: Sometimes you just really want to eat Mongolian Beef.

Heist Society

the start of a beautiful friendship (Heist Society, Kat/Hale)
Summary: "I’m the guy who happened to be home the night Kat came to steal a Monet."


No Mask Like Truth (Or Five Times Joe and Ellen Deny Having a Relationship) (RPF; R; Ellen Page/Joseph Gordon-Levitt)
Summary: The first time it isn't a lie.

you build me up (you break me down) (Fringe/Inception; PG; Gen; Peter, Arthur, Eames)
Summary: Peter always has a friend.

trouble is a friend (Fringe/Inception; PG, Eames/Peter, Ariadne/Arthur)
[Part 1][Part 2]
Summary: Eames helps Peter solve crime. Really.

things you should have learned (had you been paying attention) (RPF; PG; Ellen Page/Joseph Gordon-Levitt)
Summary: The thing that no one ever warned Ellen about Joe when they started doing whatever it is that they're doing is this -- Joe is the world's biggest baby when sick.

Julia Quinn - Bridgerton Series

Chase the Glowing Hours (G, Colin/Penelope)
Summary: Five times Colin Bridgerton asked Penelope Featherington to dance.

Legally Blonde the Musical

Don't Get Many Things Right the First Time (PG, Elle/Emmett)
Summary: A Very Legally Blonde Valentine's Day.

Five Times Emmett Didn't Meet Elle (PG-13, Elle/Emmett)
[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5]
Summary: What if Elle hadn’t ended up at Harvard Law?

sugar, we're going down (G, Elle/Emmett)
Summary: Elle knows what everyone at Harvard thinks of her.

The Best That I Can (RPF; R, Laura Bell Bundy/Christian Borle, Christian/Borle/Sutton Foster)
Summary: The anatomy of an affair.

Remember to Forget (RPF; G, Laura Bell Bundy/Christian Borle, Christain Borle/Sutton Foster)
Summary: Christian never liked Valentine’s Day.


that's how you know (Wimbledon; Lizzie/Peter; G)
Summary: Cameras have never bothered Lizzie. They do now.

Multi-Fandom Holiday Fic Extravaganza

2010 Master List
Fandoms: Mighty Ducks, Bones, Legally Blonde, Vampire Diaries, Pink Carnation series, Fringe/Inception, Bridgertons, The Good Wife, Nora Robert's Bride Quartet, One Tree Hill, The Social Network, Musician RPF, Mad Men, Greek, Gossip Girl, American Idol RPF

2011 Master List
Fandoms: Inception RPF, The President's Daughter series, Bones, Heist Society, Hex Hall, Parks and Rec, The West Wing, Secret Society Girl, Sports Night, The Vampire Diaries, Pink Carnation series, Once Upon a Time, Musician RPF, The Good Wife/West Wing, Downton Abbey, Anne of Green Gables, Revenge, The Bride Quartet, Happy Endings, Crazy Stupid Love, Hathaways

Once Upon a Time

But the rose remembers (Once Upon a Time; David/Mary Margaret, David/Kathryn)
Summary: David dreams and Mary Margaret lives.

One Tree Hill

Bless the Broken Road (G, Brooke/Julian)
Summary: Julian can’t believe he’s dating the head cheerleader.

Mirror, Mirror (G, Dawson's Creek/One Tree Hill crossover, Gen)
Summary: Adam Reese meets someone with a very familiar face.

The After (PG-13, Brooke/Julian)
Summary: Sex has never been her problem.

Complicated (PG-13, Brooke/Julian)
Summary: When did complicated and Julian start meaning the same thing?

Something (G, Brooke/Julian)
Summary: Brooke really doesn’t want to like Julian.

friend to the melody (G, Nathan/Haley)
Summary: No matter the music, one thing always remained the same; Haley sang the harmonies.

Parks and Recreation

The End (PG, Ben/Leslie)
Summary: Harvest Fest means the end of Ben.

waffles are still better than pancakes (PG, Ben/Leslie)
Summary: On their third date, Ben tries to cook for Leslie.

The Middle (PG, Ben/Leslie)
Summary: The first time they kiss is in the conference room.

Rust Bucket (PG, Andy/April)
Summary: "Andy, I don't want to get tetnus and die becuase of this stupid van."

The Telling (PG, Ben/Leslie)
They never say the words.

see the years that bring rock and tide together (PG, April/Andy)
Summary: “Just how the fuck do the two of you make it work?”

Pink Carnation series

it’s the first day of a new life (Pink Carnation; Geoff/Letty, Miles/Henrietta)
Summary: Wherein Geoff thinks that redecorating is the key to a woman’s heart.

For King and Country (Pink Carnation; Vaughn/Mary, Letty/Geoff)
Summary: It’s when you’re out that they pull you back in.

The President's Daughter

change is upon us (The President’s Daughter, Meg/Preston)
Summary: Beginnings come from endings.

RPF (General)

dirty old man (PG, John Mayer/Taylor Swift)
Summary: He'll realize years later that was the moment he tumbled headlong into love with her.

last name (PG, John Mayer/Taylor Swift)
Summary: Taylor was a little girl who played wedding.

man in the moon (PG, John Mayer/Taylor Swift
Summary: The theme for the nursery is John’s idea.

down by my lover's side (John Mayer/Taylor Swift, PG)
Summary: They take two honeymoons.

someone who believes (John Mayer/Taylor Swift, PG)
Summary: Even after it's over, John thinks about her.

Secret Society Girl

until you shared your secret with me (Secret Society Girl, Jamie/Amy)
Summary: Meeting the parents is never fun.

don’t try saving me (Secret Society Girl, Jamie/Amy)
Summary: Cavador Key, one year later

ask you a question (Secret Society Girl, Jamie/Amy)
Summary: Secrets are no fun.

The Social Network

burns on my fingers (Erica, Mark/Erica, G)
Summary: When they meet again, it's in New York, because that's where all stories start or end.

I Meet the Eyes of a Stranger (Erica/Mark, Erica/Eduardo; PG-13)
Summary: It's Mark she dates, but it's Eduardo she sees.

we could have had it all (PG; Erica/Mark, Erica/Cameron)
Summary: This is one of the ways Erica imagines it happening instead.

Sports Night

the potential of you and me (PG, Dan/Natalie)
Summary: Why Danny doesn't hate awards dinners as much as he used to.

(You) I Thought I Knew You (The Good Wife/Sports Night; R; Will/Natalie)
Summary: The one where Natalie and Will date in college.

once, we were young (PG, Dan/Natalie)
Summary: It could have happened like this.

the night does funny things (The Good Wife/Sports Night; PG-13; Will/Natalie, Dan/Natalie)
Summary: The one where Dan and Natalie get married and Dan meets his identical twin. Sequel to (You) I Thought I Knew You.

The Vampire Diaries

Rain is Falling, Looks Like Love (PG-13, Bonnie/Jeremy)
Summary: Five times Bonnie and Jeremy kissed.

let my walls come down (PG-13, Bonnie/Jeremy)
Summary: Bonnie and Jeremy have sex for the first time.

On the Road (Bonnie, Caroline, Elena, Gen)
Summary: The girls take a road trip.

When will I feel soft (PG-13; Jenna/John, Jenna/Logan)
Summary: The life and times of Jenna Sommers, ages seven to twenty-nine.

Second Verse, Same as the First (PG-13; Bonnie/Jeremy, Tyler/Caroline)
"I thought it might fun if we all went out," Caroline says brightly. Too brightly. "The four of us."

Stuck in Your Head (PG, Bonnie/Jeremy)
Summary: Missing scenes from 2x12 and 2x13.

that has no past (PG, Matt/Caroline)
Summary: Later, after it all changes, Caroline will wish that she'd told him every time she could have.

one small step (G, Bonnie/Jeremy)
Summary: It's just a few short steps, but it feels like so much more.

last dance (PG, Elena/Stefan)
They make it to the prom right before the last dance.

branding (PG, John/Jenna)
Summary: John can't speak and Jenna can't hear.

a little old place where (NC-17, Bonnie/Jeremy)
Summary: Teenagers. Alone in an abandoned house. You do the math.

this night is out to kill (PG, Jenna)
Summary: They tell Jenna the truth over Alaric's body.

I look at you and you occur (PG, Bonnie/Jeremy)
Summary: "I'm just sitting here looking through a bunch of really old books, just like I was told to do."

The West Wing

if you’re gonna hold my breath (The West Wing, Mike Casper/Donna Moss)
Summary: A "Listen, churches are burning down. Otherwise, I’d be hitting on you" might-have-been.

Young Justice

we'll rewrite all the wrongs we've learned (Young Justice; Wally, Artemis)
Summary: When the truth comes out, Artemis runs.

French Kissing Boys Into Men (Young Justice, Wally/Artemis)
Summary: Five times Wally and Artemis kissed.

let me be your ride out of town (Young Justice; Wally/Artemis, Dick/Zatanna)
Summary: On the day Artemis graduates from college, there's someone in the crowd that she never expected to see. When Wally asks her to go on the cross country road trip they'd always planned, her answer surprises them both.

fools give you reasons (Young Justice, Dick/Zatanna)
Summary: Dick and Zatanna wear fancy clothes and have sex.

rather hurt than feel nothing at all (Young Justice, Dick/Zatanna)
Summary: Grief and sex are not a good combination.

let's talk about sex, baby, (Young Justice; Dick/Zatanna, Dick/Barbara, Dick/Raquel, Dick/Bette)
Summary: Dick likes women. Women like Dick.

with a little help from my friends (Young Justice; Wally, Ensemble)
Summary: Five times Wally didn't understand his friends (and four times Zatanna didn't understand them either.)


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